Johnny Brenda’s is a bar, restaurant, and music venue located in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. Featuring a world-class sound system, and a balcony (a rarity for a room it’s size), it is unlike any performance space in Philadelphia. It maintains the feel of an elegant, iconic historical social hall with design elements reminiscent of a turn of the century burlesque club or theater.

Built on a philosophy of supporting the local community, Johnny Brenda’s serves all-draft high quality beer from local brewers as well as an eclectic menu using fresh ingredients supplied from area farmers.


General Questions

Question: Do you have parking?
Answer: No, but there is street parking available around Johnny Brenda’s, and most of it does not have time limits or parking meters.

Question: What time do you open every day? And how late is your kitchen open?
Answer: We open at 11am everyday, and our kitchen is open until 1am everyday. So basically, you can come by and see us every day between 11am-2am and you can put in an order to fries at 12:55am if you want. Isn’t that INSANELY AWESOME?!!!

Question: I heard you have a great music venue there. Can I buy tickets for shows at the bar?
Answer: Yes you can. Our downstairs bartenders can sell you tickets anytime we are open. It is CASH ONLY, but there are NO EXTRA TICKET FEES! As in, you just pay the actual cost of the ticket. It rules!!!

Attending Shows

Question: Do I have to be 21 or older to see shows at Johnny Brenda’s?
Answer: YES!

Question: I am under 21 and I am going to die if I can’t get in to see my favorite band. Can’t you make an exception?
Answer: NO!

Question: I’m not 21 yet! Isn’t it unfair that I can’t see a show at Johnny Brenda’s?
Answer: Yes, but lucky for you there are other awesome places to see All Ages shows. Most of the shows from our friends at R5 Productions are All Ages!

Question: If I am over 21, but I forget my I.D., will you let me in to the show if I swear that I am of age?
Answer: No, because the Liquor Control Enforcement won’t care if you are of legal drinking age when it gives us a giant fine because you forgot your license in your other pair of pants and we let you in anyway.

You will note there is a pattern emerging about show attendance….

Booking Inquiries

Question: I really want to book my band there, who do I contact? Can I call?
Answer: Please do not call. Our bartenders startle easily and really don’t have the answers you want. Please review the Contact page of this website for more details on how to proceed.