10th Annual TJ Kong Halloween Costume Ball Rock N Roll Murdershow
Johnny Brenda's Presents

TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb

Aeromingosmith Ft. Ali Wadsworth, Ali Awan

Ages 21+
10th Annual TJ Kong Halloween Costume Ball Rock N Roll Murdershow with Aeromingosmith & Ali Awan at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia
  • 8pm - Doors
  • 9pm - Ali Awan
  • 10pm - Aeromingosmith
  • 11pm - TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb


Idiots manufacturing joy and dancing out the door.

More Specifically...

"Eclectic and evocative, stirring together dusty cinematic arrangements with lyrical tales of depravity and hard-luck humanity that sound like something out of a Cormac McCarthy novel."


"Playing Americana 'slash blues', they sing, wail, lament, and brood over being drunk, hungover, alone, depressed, sweaty, and lost. A simple recount of a whiskey-inspired tradition on guitar and harmonica."

- Pop Montreal

"It lands somewhere between The Basement Tapes and Anodyne, with a ragged, lo-fi aesthetic and lyrics drenched in heartbreak and whiskey.”

- Pop Matters

“A post-apocalyptic fall-out shelter house band.”

- Philadelphia Weekly

"Their music sounds like an unhinged rock and roll celebration that is filled with so much carefree energy and freedom that it would serve as a fitting soundtrack for a time when people have nothing left to lose. The group’s heady, joyous concoction of garage, blues, punk and piano rock is a welcome force in today’s daily turmoil."

- Glide Magazine

"Dancing Out The Door is a 13 song masterpiece that is so unlike most of the music, style-wise hitting us lately that it really stands out from the muddled pack."

- Pancakes and Whiskey

"Entertainingly unhinged."

- CBS Philadelphia

"One of the most sought after bands in Philly."

- USA Today


Port Richmond’s Very Best Aerosmith Tribute Band featuring the one and only Ali Wadsworth! Kyle Perella (guitar), Lucas Rinz (bass), Josh Friedman (drums), Jared Loss (keyboards), and Pat Finnerty (guitar).


Ali Awan is a Philadelphia based artist. Born in Abington, Pennsylvania he grew up in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, finally settling back down in the Philly suburb where he would spend the rest of his childhood. Perhaps he will be dressed spooky at the show. Bones are his dollars, so are the worms.

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125