Bat House
Johnny Brenda's Presents

Bat House

Bat House
Kelsey Cork & The Swigs
Ages 21+
Bat House with Boosegumps + Kelsey Cork & The Swigs at Johnny Brenda's
  • 7PM - Doors
  • 8PM - Kelsey Cork & The Swigs
  • 9PM - Boosegumps
  • 10PM - Bat House


Bat House is a quartet of humans creating a shapeshifting brand of psych-rock of its own accord. Grown from within the gritty and colorful world of Boston’s underground DIY scene, the project pushes the envelope of conventionality, phasing in and out of its rock-influenced roots by toying with jazz, punk, pop and electronics in a fluid symbiosis of sonic textures. By utilizing the juxtaposition between complexity and minimalism, the quartet weaves a story unique unto themselves. Witnessed live, their ensemble locks listeners into polyrhythmic grooves, soaring and spacious guitars, and grounding bass that leaves listeners hypnotized. Their latest release, Stop Dying, can be found everywhere music lives.


Boosegumps is singer/songwriter Heeyoon Won, who is currently based in Philadelphia. Won began writing and performing their soft-pop songs in 2012, and since has released 6 EP’s and played their songs across the US. Most recently, Boosegumps released “Heart Peach” on their own label, Happy Rainbow.


Self-described as Rock n Roll Kool-Aid, Kelsey Cork and the Swigs takes your favorite music and mixes it with your best friend’s favorite music to make a tasty punk-blues-psychedelic-garage rock cocktail.Operating out of Philadelphia, Kelsey Cork, Jacinda Arellano, and Ramon Gadea use their chemistry off-stage to kick ass onstage, acquiring an irrefutable reputation for an energetic live show that you can’t help but dance to. They discard pretension and cynicism to rejoice in what it means to be surviving as a poor and marginalized twenty-something, seeing Philly as inspiration for both music and attitude. The Swigs let the litter and grime seep into their chords, lyrics, and stage presence, crafting catchy hooks about having a good time living below the poverty line that make you wonder why you ever cared about the facade of high-class elitism. The Swigs do something deliberate with their music; united by a raw anti-perfectionism approach, they shout to the world SHOW ME YOUR TRASH, and you’ll want to answer their call by drinking a citywide, throwing a house party, and dismantling the oligarchy.

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125