Karl Blau
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Karl Blau

Karl Blau
Britt Thomas & The Breaker Boys
Levee Drivers
Ages 21+
Karl Blau with Britt Thomas & The Breaker Boys + Levee Drivers at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia
  • 7PM - Doors
  • 8PM - Levee Drivers
  • 9PM - Britt Thomas & The Breaker Boys
  • 10PM - Karl Blau


Recording for over 20 years working towards making unique music following the pursuit of joy and truth and where does my voice want to go next? The albums here represent works from various studios- Dub Narcotic, Cornered K9, Vibe Control. "Stereoearrings" became my instrumental moniker following "Dunkel Blau."


"New Jersey-based country rock outfit Britt Thomas and the Breaker Boys have just released their new EP Pony Up, a set of upbeat tempos, tight instrumental arrangements, and clever lyrical tales from songwriter and vocalist Britt Thomas. The EP also features contributions from lead guitarist Ali Awan, who performed a set of solo material at World Cafe for NonCOMM earlier this month.

Britt Thomas and the Breaker Boys recorded Pony Up in February at Noisy Little Critter Recordings in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, in five days that Thomas called “some of the best days ever — no exaggeration.” These sessions were the first time this group of musicians worked in the studio together, but Thomas noted that she and the band felt very relaxed and developed great chemistry with engineer Mike Bardzik while working on these five songs.

On the new EP, which follows their self-titled outing from 2018, the band digs into straight-ahead rock arrangements as Thomas brings a mix of country sensibilities and honky tonk flare to each song." - The Key


Levee Drivers show their teeth by dragging every rough edge and feral strain within their music from the outskirts to the surface. It’s a dizzying, lethal energy that surges like a storm, patiently building tension until finally boiling over and accelerating like a rush of blood to the head. Guided by the titanic vocals of frontman and songwriter August John Lutz II, the bands songs often unfold like individual scenes, with guitars, bass and drums forming a backbone that makes every escalating emotion feel urgent and believable. Filling the spaces between clean hands and all out demolition, there’s both a sensitivity and explosiveness to their sound that’s enough to convince even the most stubborn skeptics that the glory days of gritty rock and roll -born in dingy garages and grown in smoke filled bars- will never pass by completely. Although for anyone who’s ever seen Lutz, lead guitarist Kyle Perella, drummer Jeff Orlowski and bassist Jon Covert perform a live set on a dim, beer soaked stage, it won’t be any surprise that Levee Drivers finds themselves firmly in control of the fires they start and the smoke they leave behind.

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125