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David Nance Group
Ages 21+
Rosali with David Nance Group at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia
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  • 9PM David Nance Group
  • 10PM Rosali


Philadelphia-based musician Rosali (Long Hots, Wandering Shade) wrote the songs for her second album, Trouble Anyway, seeking empowerment by sharing openly on love, power, aging, suffering, confusion, self-doubt, and anger. Resulting in a full-bodied record that is at once sweeping and intimate. A vulnerable and powerful exploration of emotional narratives, Trouble Anyway showcases her background in diverse musical styles from free improv, garage rock, country, pop, to folk-infused song-craft. Following up her 2016 debut Out of Love (Siltbreeze), named one of the top 100 records of 2016 by Uncut Magazine, Trouble Anyway is a cohesive collection of lush, intimate rock songs, featuring her warm, natural vocals and powerful riffing and rhythm guitar, approaching the sublime.

Lyrical and wordless intensity, alongside intuitive musical arrangements, make for a powerful sophomore release. With collaborations from musician friends—Nathan Bowles (Steve Gunn, Black Twig Pickers), Dan Provenzano (Writhing Squares, Purling Hiss), Mary Lattimore, Paul Sukeena (Angel Olsen, Spacin’), Charlie Hall (The War on Drugs), Mike Polizze (Purling Hiss), Mike Sobel (Oldermost), and Gretchen Lohse (Carol Cleveland Sings)—Trouble Anyway is both otherworldly and straight-forward. The collective instrumentation simultaneously accentuates Rosali’s singular sound and magnifies its orbit. Trouble Anyway was recorded and mixed by Uniform Recording’s Jeff Zeigler, who has also engineered records for The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile, among others. Trouble Anyway has been featured in NPR, The Guardian, Uncut Magazine, Mojo, Pitchfork and more.


David Nance is a “Rock” musician.

A Grand Island Nebraska native who now calls Omaha home. Nance began his musical career at a young age as a hired gun for a local rock group and only a few years later was a jaded garage rock turkey. Life went on. Jobs were worked. Bruises healed.

Years later, music started flowing again. The river was going full blast. With a voice honed through countless MidWest bum PA’s and a LOVE/HATE guitar that sounds equal parts Alec Bathgate and Neil Young, Nance began recording his own music with no intentions of any of it being heard by anyone outside of close friends. Meanwhile Nance put in time serving others muses, including Simon Joyner, WCKR SPGT and The Renderers. Attention built at a slow, but steady, pace and some how lead to Nance releasing 4 full length albums over the past 6 years (not to mention numerous other releases including tapes, singles, CD-R’s and full cover albums of the Stones and Lou Reed etc. etc.)

Visceral and unhinged, poetic and idiotic, Nance’s work is built upon contradiction. Semi-master of the midwest raga and full blown expert of the avant-bar…rock. His sound is like a volcano hole- allowing necessary eruptions that can either fossilize time or destroy the whole foundation of whatever is happening at that moment. Entertainment in it’s purest sense.

Since the release of Nance’s second full length, More Than Enough (Ba Da Bing! Records), touring as been a steady constant. Putting in shows all over the US and the EU. This is in no small part due to critical acclaim from VICE, NPR, DUSTED magazine among many others. He loves the life music gives him, warts and all.

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125