Stinking Lizaveta
Johnny Brenda's Presents

Stinking Lizaveta

Mt. Vengeance, Heatmap

Ages 21+
Stinking Lizaveta with Mt. Vengeance & Heatmap at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia
  • 8PM - Doors
  • 9PM - Heatmap
  • 10PM - Mt. Vengeance
  • 11PM - Stinking Lizaveta


Translation Loss Records are pleased to announce the February 17th, full-length release of Journey To The Underworld by Philadelphia jazz-doom rock trio, STINKING LIZAVETA. The album features nine new songs, showcasing the bands dedication to their style of unrestrained instrumental fusion. Combining doom, jazz, and punk, Journey To The Underworld takes listeners on a powerful journey through uncharted space and time to venture into new musical frontiers.

For over 20 years, STINKING LIZAVETA have released multiple critically acclaimed albums and shared the stage with national headlining bands such as Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Fugazi, Weedeater and more. They have held the reins as rock pioneers and have built a worldwide cult following for their legendary and unrelenting sound. With help in the studio from Stephen Berrigan and Paul Webb, STINKING LIZAVETA have created their most innovative release to date.

Journey To The Underworld contains stunning artwork by David Gunn and is available on compact disc, limited edition coloured vinyl and digital. Journey To The Underworld is available now through Translation Loss Records.


Vacuous, brazen (yet timid), often ridiculed and frequently maligned, Mt Vengeance uses guitars and drums in their music.

If you like late period Van Halen or Shudder to Think, you'll love Rush.

People are saying:

"...A fun-as-hell rock trio with a heavy side. Mt. Vengeance is basically blue-collar Philly rock royalty, with members whose résumés include Valsalva, Uptown Bones, Latimer, Ashtabula and Electric Love Muffin." - Patrick Rapa - Philadelphia Magazine

"mt vengeance sounds like pavement meets the thermals with a little built to spill thrown in for good measure. guitar riffs remind me of parquet courts at times. pixies influence definitely present. little bit of archers of loaf as well. quality indie music.” -Andrew Ginsberg - WCUR

"...if you love the timeless indie rock anthems of The Thermals and their brethren but wish Portland wasn’t so very far away, fear not — there’s never been a shortage of that here in Philly, and new trio Mt. Vengeance nails the vibe remarkably powerfully." - John Vettese - The Key, WXPN

"...Mt Vengeance, they play around often." - Jackie Zahn - WKDU


A heat map lets you visualize abstract data as a diagram. There’s probably a nice metaphor there, but don’t be fooled: Heatmap is just a simple post-punk band that likes the way the word sounds. They like simple sounds.

Here’s what you ought to know. Drummer Phil Sutton and guitarist Michael Friedrich were childhood friends from Long Island’s East End. The two founded a minimalist post-punk band called Rahim that toured and released albums on Frenchkiss Records in the mid 2000s. Bassist Eric Freda and Sutton met in college.

One day, the three thought, “How could we make music that’s more simple and to the point than any music we’ve made before?” Heatmap was born. In 2017, they released their debut EP, Pulses, and played shows regionally.

Then they had more things to say. Scavenging from the rhythms of the Touch & Go catalogue, the repetition of The Fall, and the melodies of Unwound, in 2018 Heatmap recorded six thumpers with Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia. Bob Weston mastered it for vinyl at Chicago Mastering Service. The album sounds pretty tough, but they’re still hungry. “This is the record I wanted to make,” said Sutton. “Until we make the next record.”

They named the album Thank. Like as in when your boss, who doesn’t possess the greatest command of the written word, leaves notes for you and signs them “thank” instead of “thanks.” Thank will be available July 26 digitally and on 12” vinyl from Dimension Arts.


Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125