Abi Reimold (Solo)

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Abi Reimold (Solo)

Loose Tooth, Jacqueline Constance, Sarah M.

Thu, April 28, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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Abi Reimold (Solo) - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
Abi Reimold (Solo)
Abi Reimold of Philadelphia writes dynamic, cathartic songs that are darkly colorful. Rough around the edges in a way that is more honest than careless, Reimold's music has a distinctly human quality about it. Unpredictable yet natural, Reimold's songwriting style builds tension using dissonance both harmonically and lyrically. Her voice rides a range of octaves and emotions, exploring dark inner worlds, adeptly contouring melodies to starkly vivid lyrics. Reimold has honed her songwriting ability and chops into an amalgam of rock influences – huge riffs are countered by thoughtful phrases and lyrics that are firmly rooted an introspective tradition. Her debut full-length Wriggling was released this January.

“There’s an interplay between restraint and dramatic fireworks, lyrics that beg to be unraveled and embraced, and towering, singular voices around which everything revolves.” --Stereogum
Loose Tooth - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Loose Tooth
You can't do much better than the name Loose Tooth as a descriptor for the Philadelphia band's sound. There's a dull aching to their fibrous blend of rock, something like the satisfying pain you get when you use your tongue to mess around with a tooth that's about to come out, a sensation that you don't really get to experience after childhood. "Chewy Skinny" comes from the band's forthcoming debut album, Easy Easy East, and it's a good summation of Loose Tooth's talents: a propulsive forward momentum, and a delightful knack for twisting their instrumentation in unexpected ways.
Jacqueline Constance - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Jacqueline Constance
Philly based singer/songwriter, Jacqueline Constance blends her R&B and Hiphop command into a swirling emotional stew. With a warm, yet strident voice she creates daring and fiery stories in sound. Not one to wait for a musician to make her magic happen, Jacqueline also produces some of her own material. Armed with just a mic, her digital sampling, foot pedal and a small mixer, Jacqueline turns breaths, sighs and words into funky orchestral pastures for her lyrics to frolic through.
Born and raised in the Mt Airy section of Philadelphia, Jacqueline attended the legendary CAPA high school which spawned such artists as the Roots, Boys to Men and Amel Larriuex. She has performed at Such notable venues such as The Hard Rock Cafe, World Cafe Live and The Kimmel Center.
Jacqueline is inspired by jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, which is apparent in her vocal nuances and soulful timbre. Her songs speak to young women and men who are creating their own lane by adding lasting melodies to their own life story.
Her upcoming EP, "The Jacqueline Show" (in collaboration with producer Wesmanchild, AVAILABLE NOW) is a resounding and soulful introduction as an upcoming singer and songwriter.
"At a time when any and everyone is trying to be the next big something, It is important to find your niche and stand out. That seems to be exactly what... Jacqueline Constance has done".
Sarah M. - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Sarah M.
Sarah M. bought a bass on Craigslist during the summer of 2013. Two years later she started playing it in Fake Boyfriend and during the winter that followed she picked it up to set some of her personal tensions free. Sarah M.’s “textbook” is a testament that working within the means of what you have, however limited by equipment and instrumental knowledge, can yield something gorgeous and precious. Each song features bass driven arrangements joined by angelic yet haunting alto vocals and a lyricism that is heartfelt and honest.
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Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
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