Johnny Brenda's Presents


The Truth Band

Tue, October 16, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

Ghost-Note - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Multi-Grammy Award winning artists Robert Sput Searight and Nate Werth take percussion out of the shadows and into the spotlight with their new project, Ghost-Note. World renown for their ongoing catalog with international sensation Snarky Puppy, this dynamic duo expands their rhythmical voice into a celebration of music in all its forms. This is music that takes listeners on a mind-blowing journey, inspired by the influences of James Brown, Prince, and J Dilla to name a few.

Since forming, Ghost-Note’s sound has evolved to a state that can best be described as ‘conscious funk’ – an elaborate and sonically powerful surge of the tremendous talents that each of the players provides, with the bandleaders leaning back and letting the band go. The core lineup is a rotating cast of heavy hitters - all stretching to meet the expanding nature of the band. The explosive rhythm fueled band, deeply rooted in neck breaking funk, is comprised of the industry’s best and quickly becoming one of the most anticipated live shows of today.

Band members include A.J. Brown (Fred Hammond) on bass, internet star Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas (Prince) on bass & guitar, Sylvester Onyejiaka (Prince, Quantic) baritone sax, tenor sax, & flute, Xavier Taplin (Prince) on keyboards, Jonathan Mones (Funky Knuckles, RC and the Gritz) on alto sax & flute, Mike Jelani Brooks (Kirk Franklin, RC & the Gritz) on tenor saxophone & flute, Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy) on keyboards, Vaughn “V-keys” Henry on keyboards, Daniel Jones (Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake) on keyboards, Nick Werth (Galaxe, Yak Attack) on xylosynth, and Alvin Ford Jr. (Pretty Lights, Dumpstaphunk) on drums.
The Truth Band - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
The Truth Band
The Truth Band ​(TTB) is an American folk/rock trio. Bandmates David ​“Dae Dae”​ Haddon, Jairus ​“J-Mo”​Mozee, and Eric ​“EZ” Ingram masterfully combine rhythm and chordal instrumentation with authentic vocals to produce a full, transformative audio experience. Originating SWAG SOUL ROCK​, the trio captures ​the spirit of rock legends like the Chambers Brothers and Jimi Hendrix while tapping into the soul consciousness of folk music.

With the perfect blend of classic rock infused with funk rhythms and blues grit, The Truth Band tells a story uniquely their own. All three instrumentalists have roots in the Midwest and share a similar background as second generation professional musicians. While the guys met early in their careers, it wasn’t until 2015 following an impromptu jam session that they decided to form a band. Performing live throughout Los Angeles, The Truth Band curated a distinguished audience base of fellow musicians and aficionados. What began as an expression of freedom amongst brothers has evolved into a conscious rock movement that explores sound without boundaries.​ ​The band’s chemistry both live and in recordings is a fully-charged spiritual interaction, causing peer-based fans to dub the group as the ‘Voltron Trio’.

Individually, all three are established ‘first-call’ musicians/producers. Collectively they’ve worked with mega artists across the spectrum - Rihanna,Gwen Stefani,Chaka Khan,Kendrick Lamar, Earth Wind & Fire, Lil Wayne,Jamie Foxx, Anthony Hamilton and many, many more.Together TTB is creating their own indelible music brand one click track at a time. The debut album, ​Truth Hurts​, takes listeners on the trio’s journey from accomplished players to artists. Expect the unexpected as all are welcome to plugin and rock out. The first single from the album, “I Love You” is a soulful soft rock ballad featuring Haddon’s rich vocals melted over a beautiful acoustic melody. ​The pendulum swings seamlessly between hard,crunchy rock arrangements featured in “You Don’t Know” and calming acoustic compositions like “The Light” with J-Mo on lead vocals.​ The trio takes it back to rock basics on “Grass Is Greener” and gives listeners a full plate on the instrumental “BBQ”. Kindred to the introspective social cries of Marvin Gaye, the speakeasy refrain “Black Man” is a window into the life of a Black man, any Black man, and the innate struggle to be seen and understood as human.

“How the hell am I supposed to win, when you judge me by the color of my skin - Oh Lord, maybe my situation may not be your situation, but if you can look at my soul within, maybe one day you’ll be a friend of a Black Man”

This honest reflection embodies the matter of factness of the head banging title track, “Truth Hurts.” From Dae Dae’s moving lead vocal to J-Mo’s screaming guitar solo and EZ plucking a steady bass line, it’s a full mosh pit of soul rock.
Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125