Remember Sports

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Remember Sports

Joey Nebulous, Snake Boy Gang

Tue, April 2, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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Remember Sports - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Remember Sports
It took more than two years for all of the pieces to come together for Remember Sports’ third album. In the time that elapsed, Carmen Perry (vocals, guitar), Jack Washburn (guitar), and Catherine Dwyer (bass) relocated from the tiny Midwestern college town of Gambier, Ohio, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, adding new drummer Connor Perry and retiring their original nom de plume, SPORTS, along the way. Slow Buzz is the latest evolution of a band known for its dedication to friendship and ability to carve out revelatory scuzz fueled tunes that make you want to grab your closest buds and dance your cares away.

Slow Buzz centers around a break up and comes at a crossroads for the band. The record is the first official release under Remember Sports, a moniker that functions as both a question and a command, which foreshadows all of the deeply personal emotions Carmen experiences at the painful end of a good relationship. Carmen’s writing is diaristic and intimate; hearing this record is a strange amalgam of both melancholy and joy. Brazen and energetic as ever, Slow Buzz is a record that is a paradox. It celebrates both the sanctity and joy of friendship in the same heartbeat as the grief attached to moving on from something difficult and nostalgic.

Recorded in Valatie, NY by Evan M. Marré (Russel the Leaf), Slow Buzz is the band’s first release as a solidified group, and fittingly the first record on which they had the luxury to experiment and expand upon their live sound. The result is an album that is expertly layered in its sonics: Slow Buzz focuses intently on all of the nuances of arrangement and production that Remember Sports has fine tuned over five years of playing together is their most ambitious record to date. Come for the high energy dynamism, stay to have your heart broken.
Joey Nebulous - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Joey Nebulous
queer / twee pop / seeking intimacy / don't call me joey
Snake Boy Gang - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Snake Boy Gang
Snake Boy Gang is the solo music project of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Madeline Rafter.

In Snake Boy Gang, Rafter has found the opportunity to hone her skills in production, songwriting, and performance. She has always loved learning the more technical aspects of music production - including beat-making and audio engineering. Leading up to her 2017 LP release, “Spit” Rafter wrote, tracked, and produced the album on her own - resulting in "infectious melodies that are weary yet cathartic, brimming with bright, taut hooks that will stay buzzing in your brain…" (The LeSigh) and a distinctive sound and record that is uniquely hers.

Snake Boy Gang performances are a playful balancing act. Through her lyrics, Rafter aims with vulnerability and keen awareness to evoke in the listener a sense of validation for the ugly and painful aspects of the self and humanity, while in her performances she seems to consciously divert audiences attention from the weight of her introspective songwriting with performative humor, charisma, and guarded absurdity. "A fuzzy merry-go round of synth melodies melt into soft heartbreaking lyrics that move like poetry…[but] like a disco ball, it always encourages dancing through the darkness.” (The LeSigh)

Rafter is currently working on her second Snake Boy Gang full-length, in which she opens up to a more collaborative process - welcoming the skills, talents, and character of local musicians and producers into the fold of her vibrant creativity. At upcoming performances, we can expect to hear a mix of songs from her previous albums along with unreleased tracks from the forthcoming LP.

- Emi Knight
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