Full Bush
Johnny Brenda's Presents

Full Bush

Full Bush
Teenage Bigfoot
Trash Boy
Ages 21+
Full Bush with Teenage Bigfoot & Trash Boy at Johnny Brenda's
  • 7PM - Doors
  • 8PM - Trash Boy
  • 9PM - Teenage Bigfoot
  • 10PM - Full Bush


A four piece post punk band from Philadelphia, PA.

"Full Bush reveal themselves as the rare kind of band that defies any expectation. Their songs unfold like stories from the wittiest person you know, so spontaneous they feel improvised but so seamlessly constructed you’d think they were rehearsed for years. And like a great story, once you hear the beginning, you can’t stop listening until you hear the payoff." - The Key


Teenage Bigfoot has been playing out of Philadelphia since the fall of 2014, getting their start at Philly's own First Time's the Charm fest. After a few lineup changes, Tiffany, Joe, and Jake are resurrecting the spirit of punk with their unique approach to the classic 3 chord rhetoric all while leaving the rude dude experience behind. Drawing influence from the golden age of pop punk (1994 or bust!), 90s garage rock, and goony SoCal skate punk, Teenage Bigfoot has shared the stage with Mischief Brew, Jeff Rosenstock, Masked Intruder, Tsunami Bomb, The Dollyrots, and the Dirty Nil. The band is set to release the 7 track album “Do It or Don’t” in late July 2019 and will be on the road throughout the Fall.


you look down to discover you are standing on a political campaign advertisement from the old, cartoon dream-world. it occurs to you that the last time you will have ever used money was to pay $700 for car insurance. you laugh. you find an ancient case of 4 loko. might as well get quatro-crazy, you think to yourself, as the smell of burnt plastic stings your sinuses.

you decide to climb to the top of the dirtiest landfill you can find, and throw a dance party on the disposable remnants of the capitalist hellscape. you listen to trash boy on your headphones, and as you thrust your body into an uncontrollable frenzy, your mind races back to every arbitrary oppressive societal expectation that was ever forced on you in your youth. so much study. so many rules. yet all our educations, governments, and billionaires did not save us. finally, outside of technology and the cobwebbed halls of academia, you are free.

we’re at the tip of the iceberg right now, you know what i mean? as far as farces are concerned.

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125