Upholstery & iNFiNiEN at Johnny Brenda's
Johnny Brenda's Presents

Upholstery & iNFiNiEN at Johnny Brenda's

Naeemah Maddox
Ages 21+
Upholstery & iNFiNiEN with Naeemah Maddox at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia
  • 8PM - Doors
  • 9PM - Naeemah Maddox
  • 10PM - iNFiNiEN
  • 11PM - Upholstery


Upholstery is an experimental music collective who create original work for stage, film & stereos. The ensemble draws on a wide range of musical influences - from Tom Waits to King Crimson, Talking Heads to Portishead, cabaret to post-punk - while striving to create music that is both visceral and thought-provoking. Their fourth album INGA was released on Exotic Fever Records this spring.


Philadelphia-born iNFiNiEN combines eclectic musical personalities into a visionary, unified force. Far from the typical rock band, they explore new territories of sound by using exotic scales, chords, and rhythms. Using rock, jazz, soul, world, and classical influences, the quartet plays intricately composed songs with flights of fiery and explosive improvisation, driving polyrhythmic grooves, and socially insightful song lyrics. With three albums under their belt the band has found it's niche as something truly unique within the international progressive scenes.

The quartet's newest record, "Light at the Endless Tunnel" is a pinnacle of the bands sound and approach to composition and takes cues from all over the music world. Full of beautiful engulfing soundscapes, old world melodic lyricism, heavy metal riffs, explosive improvisation, futuristic synth textures, Movie Score level grandeur, and socially conscious lyrics. One can expect to hear in any given piece a vast array of influences and styles presented in an evocative presentation. Their compositions borrow just as much from romantic composers like Debussy and Faure as from contemporary artists like Bjork, Tori Amos and Radiohead, world music such as Indian Carnatic Music, West African, Middle Eastern and Latin, and even adventurous fusion like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Secret Chiefs 3, John Coltrane and John Zorn. An entity unto itself, iNFiNiEN stirs listeners through a singular and moving musical adventure.


Brooklyn based - Philly born, Naeemah Z. Maddox is a singer songwriter, composer, and multi- instrumentalist. Naeemah's hybridized style draws from many elements including classical arrangement, R&B vocals, lush jazz harmonies and rock edge and rhythms. Naeemah has been on a musical journey that’s led her to produce her most ambitious work yet. Her newest release: Vile Tyrant and the MiddleMen (VTMM) is a fusion of chamber pop, progressive rock and soul, blended into a unique and original style.Enhanced with the visual images created by Artist Lindsey Wavrek, this album is dense with color and texture and showcases a more complete view of Naeemah's uniquely quirky compositional style.

In addition to performing her original music, Naeemah performs with other artists/musicians in the community. Naeemah has contributed backing vocals on Artist, Donn T’s 2015 release “Flight of the Donn T”, and also appears on progressive thrash metal band, Vektor’s 2016 release “Terminal Redux”. More recently, Naeemah is a featured vocalist on Lamb of God guitarist, Mark Morton’s solo album “Anesthetic” released on March 1, 2019.

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125