Boo Seeka

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Boo Seeka

Straight White Teeth

Fri, March 24, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:15 pm


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Boo Seeka - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Boo Seeka
This hip-hop-psych-soul/dream-tronica project started life as an outlet for a couple of musical experiments, a kind of soul petrie dish, a testing ground for new sounds. They’ve just released their debut single, ’Kingdom Leader’. A song that drips sexual foreplay. Builds and builds and subtly massages the soul. A combination of throbbing synth sounds that bed down layered textures of electronic bass and percussive beats. The sonic stimulations throughout the track enthral, and asks you to delve deeper with every second of the song.
The inspiration for ‘Kingdom Leader’ came from a garage sale. Well, from a $50 vintage synth, picked up at a garage sale that sparked the first set of tunes. BOO SEEKA have been channelling a few musical spirits in the recording/writing process of the first single and EP, ‘Kingdom Leader’. The layering and experimental beats of Massive Attack, the cool of Mayer Hawthorne and Seed 2.0 Cody Chestnutt’s soulful vocal delivery. BOO SEEKA snaps up melodies and bounces them off hip-hop/R&B driven grooves - and beats that vibe.
BOO SEEKA are set to release their debut EP late 2015. They’ve supportedKim Churchill on his National Tour and supported a run of Sticky Fingers dats in March. They also SOLD OUT their own headline single tour in April (3 shows in Sydney, 3 shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra).
Straight White Teeth - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Straight White Teeth
The bright eyed and enigmatic, indie pop artist Patrick McGuire is born again. The vocalist and songwriter who the Houston Press has described as "utterly compelling" is opening a new door and taking the autonomous reigns of his musical career. After five years as the lead singer for the popular Colorado based band Flashbulb Fires the guys decided to part ways. Patrick says, "I am honestly crushed about Flashbulb Fires ending. We were together for a long time and I considered those guys to be my family. There is a unique bond formed when four guys play music all over the country. It was all of us against the world. We fiercely believed in what we were doing and that kept us going for a long time."

Flashbulb Fires released two projects; their first LP Glory was an album was an orchestrally driven satirization of suburban American culture. Their next release Gasconader was a massive pop effort that had the knack of making old instruments and textures sound modern and compelling. The album is narrated by a fanatically religious figure that is in love with a non-believer. Some of the band's notable achievements included being signed to Downtown Music Publishing, releasing Gasconader in the UK on Choose My Music Records, touring relentlessly all over the country, opening for bands like Minus the Bear, Sharon Van Etton, Imagine Dragons and most recently performing at the acclaimed Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre. There can be no doubt that Flashbulb Fires had an amazing run.

Patrick's compelling vignette A Merciful will be released in January of 2015 under his new alias Straight White Teeth. "I quietly wrote and released A Merciful around the same time when Flashbulb Fires were writing Gasconader. It's a short concept album about a teenage girl living in the suburbs of Dallas a few years after 9-11. It's pretty dark stuff (to me anyway) that I didn't tell too many people about at the time." McGuire played and recorded everything on A Merciful, in his bedroom, which gives the project a low-fi and introspective feeling. The lulling march of the final track on the EP "Grapevine Mills" evokes the feeling of being stuck in an oppressive religious household and community. Religion is a topic that McGuire tackles a lot within his lyrics due to a stifling childhood being shuffled between his Catholic father and Mormon mother. A Merciful is a beautiful, eerie and ephemeral piece that is not to be missed.

For 2015 Straight White Teeth will also be releasing Singles 2012-2015 and McGuire will be recording a brand new Straight White Teeth EP. "I am incredibly excited about Straight White Teeth because it's an opportunity for me to make new music on my terms. I loved being in a band but truth be told I'm very introverted and particular and those qualities don't always bode well in a collaborative effort. I can't wait to take on the world as Straight White Teeth." SWT recently signed a management deal with New York City based Inkwell Entertainment. Straight White Teeth is less about a new beginning and more about continuation. Patrick is a consummate artist with an angelic instrument that yearns to be heard. Like a new chapter in a book McGuire will continue to do what he has always done best, which is to create lush and meaningful music.
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