The Dove & The Wolf

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The Dove & The Wolf

Harpooner, Carroll

Sat, January 13, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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The Dove & The Wolf - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
The Dove & The Wolf
“I still don’t know how to feel. Heartbreak is part of life and it should be part of life. What we experienced should not be.”
As Paloma begins to tell about her new EP with The Dove & The Wolf’s other half, Lou, it becomes clear that this project is different from those that they’ve made before. Their songs have always been beachy, lush melodies about heartbreak and leaving home, raw and real but hopeful. 

After spending twelve months across 2014-2015 touring with musicians like Rachael Yamagata, Butch Walker and Hemming, The Philadelphia-based French best friends returned to Paris to apply for three-year work visas to the U.S.A.
The tension from their autumn in Paris is the thread that pulls their new five-track EP I Don’t Know What to Feel through the familiar hunger of youth into a reckoning with mortality that only the lucky can forget to need. Within it, The Dove & The Wolf’s bright-eyed sound matures into a more haunting kind, straddling indie rock, dream pop and jangle pop. Somber undertones reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins twist through melodies, with pregnant guitar riffs and a sound that brings Fleetwood Mac to mind.
When the girls finally returned to Philadelphia in January 2016, they put a band together with drummer Craig Hendrix (Japanese Breakfast, Auctioneer, Jesse Hale Moore, Birdie Busch) and bass player Andy Black (Laser Background). They tracked the songs live with their new band members and Jesse Hale Moore on keys. I Don’t Know What To Feel was recorded and produced by Dave Hartley (The War On Drugs, Nightlands) and Nick Krill (The Spinto Band, Teen Men), at Dave’s studio in Fishtown, Philadelphia in March 2016.
"This stuff is so alive right now. Our time in Paris really changed everything for us. This is why we don’t want to wait to put this EP out. We have no label but we’re releasing it anyway. It needs to be now.”
Harpooner - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Frontman Scott Schmadeke (vocals, piano, Mellotron, guitar) formed the
band in 2013 in Bloomington, IN with fellow former Indiana University
students. Bloomington's rotating tight-knit community of musicians,
artists, and writers gave Harpooner a freedom of expression and
fertile ground to form a network of basement-show locations close to
the IU campus.

Recorded at Blockhouse Studios in Bloomington by Schmadeke and Andy
Beargie, Rose Park digs into strange voicing and textures as an homage
to the work of artists like Leon Russell's Carny, Harry Nilsson's
Nilsson Schmilsson, and Wings' Speed of Sound. Andrija Tokic (Alabama
Shakes, Benjamin Booker, Natural Child) was enlisted for mastering
duties at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville.

Seated and singing close-up on the microphone, sometimes underneath a
brimmed hat, Schmadeke delivers his cosmic awareness with a tenderness
toward sensitive issues and big questions €”like a Jeff Lynne that
grew up in the suburbs of Indianapolis in the 90s. On €œAll I Get
Back€ and €œBigger Thoughts€ he weaves the band in and out of
sophisticated movements that shimmer and punch right on time €”the
kind of arrangements traded-in long ago by popular music for high-gain
marketing strategies. He grapples with racial inequality on songs like
Carolines€ and €œImmigration but not so that the songs become fodder
for corporate social campaigns. Many of the songs on the album spring
from a small fictitious midwestern town that Schmadeke imagines as a
canvas for the ideas he and the band have picked-up along the way.

Schmadeke has quickly built a good reputation in the music scene
having toured as pianist for national acts Houndmouth, Diane Coffee,
and Andrew Combs.
Carroll - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Carroll’s first ever performance was Brian Hurlow, alone, smashing his feet on a broken keyboard to trigger samples. Little did he know, ambient guitar sorcerer Max Kulicke and iconic drummer Charlie Rudoy were watching from afar. They joined and took the seeds of Brian’s sadness and grew them into jungles. It was only a matter of time until Charles McClung arrived and with a wave of his wand completed the Carroll lineup with tightrope bass lines and glass synths. Carroll put out their first release, the Needs E.P., to a buzzing and excited audience. After months of deep touring the scattered parts of a followup full length album were arranged neatly on the floor of their Minneapolis home. They took a hazy snapshot of the dismembered songs and sent them to renowned engineer Jon Low (The National, The War on Drugs, Mr. Twin Sister). Jon was game and so the band shipped out to Philly to record their eponymous Carroll (Eone, 2015) in a headrush of 18 days. They toured and kept touring until they found themselves in Philly again, this time to stay. Now, glowing stronger with each passing moon, Carroll released their second LP As Far As Gardens Go (Shattered Orb) in November of 2016. Recorded by the band in a series of isolated beach cabins in the northeast, and mixed again by Low, Carroll’s second record tells a story of being adrift, of orbiting in and out of the lives of others. With heavy emphasis on synth syrup and dense, classic arrangements, Carroll’s 2016 follow up pulls the listener into a blissful, sometimes chaotic futuristic world.
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