Fujiya & Miyagi "Transparent Things" 10 Year Anniversary Tour

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Fujiya & Miyagi "Transparent Things" 10 Year Anniversary Tour

Annie Hart, Carroll

Fri, March 30, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

Fujiya & Miyagi - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Fujiya & Miyagi
Brighton-based Fujiya & Miyagi have been making expansive, experimental and multifaceted
electronic-driven music for twenty years now. As an outfit they have been as successful in their
investigations into bleep as they have elongated Krautrock wig outs, and creating breathy
electro pop as fiercely as they do post-punk-indebted scratchy dance. Their new album,
Flashback, is to be released in May 2019 and it finds a group re-connecting with the potent
music of their youth and connecting it with their well-learned musical chops as adults.
Fujiya & Miyagi first came to light with their 2002 album 'Electro karaoke in the negative style'
which created the first glimpse of what was to become their distinctive sound of electronics and
hushed vocals. It wasn't until 2006 with the release of 'Transparent Things' that the group
gained wider critical acclaim and became more widely known both in Europe and in North
America. The album blended the groups love of 70's German electronic Music, post-punk dance
music and the sounds affiliated with labels such as Warp Records in the 1990s. They toured
extensively during this period and also around 2009's Lightbulbs album.
They then worked with LA based Producer Thom Monahan on 2011's Ventriloquizzing. The
record was a move away from the more electronic and dance orientated direction of their
previous records with more emphasis on sounds and textures. After a three year gap Fujiya &
Miyagi returned in 2014 with their most electronic album to date titled 'Artificial Sweeteners'.
Which returned to the working methods of their earlier records but with added vigour and
experimentation. Between 2016 and 2017 they released a deeply ambitious three EP trilogy on
their own imprint Impossible Objects of Desire in 2017. A carefully staged project that saw the
group traverse disco, electro, pop, and the now synonymous 1970s Germany-inspired groove
they so seamlessly ooze.
Annie Hart - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Annie Hart
Annie Hart is best known as one-third of Au Revoir Simone, the beloved all-female synth trio that counts David Lynch as a superfan (and also recently appeared on Twin Peaks). But with the eight tracks on her solo debut, Impossible Accomplice (Instant Records, Sept. 15), Annie will emerge as an electrifying artist and producer in her own right.
During the band's hiatus, she has been crafting pop songs on classic synthesizers, with a less-is-more approach, writing and engineering the record on her own in the basement of her Brooklyn home, sneaking sessions in while her children were sleeping. Greatly influenced by the spare synthesizer sounds of Laurie Spiegel and the stripped-down sensibility of artists like Alex Cameron, Annie has embraced her love of meticulously crafting the perfect tone to match the emotion of a song.

In songs such as the first single, "Hard To Be Still" (featured on an episode of Netflix series, Gypsy, starring Naomi Watts), Annie cuts back the layers to reveal a rawer version of the dreamy synth pop her band was famous for forging. Solo, Annie has opened for artists such as M. Ward and Neko Case.
Carroll - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Carroll’s first ever performance was Brian Hurlow, alone, smashing his feet on a broken keyboard to trigger samples. Little did he know, ambient guitar sorcerer Max Kulicke and iconic drummer Charlie Rudoy were watching from afar. They joined and took the seeds of Brian’s sadness and grew them into jungles. It was only a matter of time until Charles McClung arrived and with a wave of his wand completed the Carroll lineup with tightrope bass lines and glass synths. Carroll put out their first release, the Needs E.P., to a buzzing and excited audience. After months of deep touring the scattered parts of a followup full length album were arranged neatly on the floor of their Minneapolis home. They took a hazy snapshot of the dismembered songs and sent them to renowned engineer Jon Low (The National, The War on Drugs, Mr. Twin Sister). Jon was game and so the band shipped out to Philly to record their eponymous Carroll (Eone, 2015) in a headrush of 18 days. They toured and kept touring until they found themselves in Philly again, this time to stay. Now, glowing stronger with each passing moon, Carroll released their second LP As Far As Gardens Go (Shattered Orb) in November of 2016. Recorded by the band in a series of isolated beach cabins in the northeast, and mixed again by Low, Carroll’s second record tells a story of being adrift, of orbiting in and out of the lives of others. With heavy emphasis on synth syrup and dense, classic arrangements, Carroll’s 2016 follow up pulls the listener into a blissful, sometimes chaotic futuristic world.
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