Sweet Spirit

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Sweet Spirit

The 1910 Chainsaw Company

Fri, May 18, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:15 pm

$14.00 - $16.00

This event is 21 and over

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Sweet Spirit - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Sweet Spirit
Ironically, the eight-piece band Sweet Spirit started as a solo project.
Austin singer Sabrina Ellis was going through some distressing times: the
band that she fronted for several years, Bobby Jealousy, with her then
husband was disintegrating along with their relationship. Everything Ellis
was working toward was suddenly in free-fall.

She started Sweet Spirit to hone her ability to write and perform on her
own. “It was supposed to be focused on me writing solo, and performing
with the guitar,” she says. But it didn’t stay that way for long.

When Ellis started Sweet Spirit, she was still writing and performing with
her longstanding garage punk band A Giant Dog. AGD Co-founder Andrew
Cashen was intrigued by Ellis’ new emphasis on soul and country and pop
music as touchstones for Sweet Spirit and quickly climbed on board the
project. “I’m very comfortable doing loud and fast,” Cashen says, “so this
is uncharted territory for me.”

Together Ellis and Cashen began turning out songs at a breakneck pace.
They assembled a core band of four more members, rehearsed religiously,
and started playing gigs around town. Immediately they began turning heads
and packing clubs.

Within six months they had gotten noticed by one of Austin’s most famous
musical residents, Britt Daniel of Spoon. In October of 2014, Daniel asked
the band to perform at Spoon’s “secret” tour kick off show at the cramped
rock club Hotel Vegas for their latest record They Want My Soul, and Sweet
Spirit was quickly thrown into the local buzzmill.

As Austin accolades continued to pile up into 2015, Sweet Spirit was added
as an official SXSW showcase act without a full-length record or ever
having applied. National attention from Esquire, the L.A. Times and other
outlets solidified their status as Austin’s “next great rock band” and
earned them a spot as the opener on 12 Midwest and West Coast Spoon tour

Meanwhile, the band released their full-length debut Cokomo, as well as a
two song collaboration with Daniel, receiving praise from Stereogum,
Consequence Of Sound, SPIN, and other outlets, and leading to two more
national tours.

In between shows, the band found time to work with producer Steve Berlin
(Los Lobos, Deer Tick) on their sophomore full-length St. Mojo. The new
record comes out on April 7, 2017 on Austin label Nine Mile Records and
features a bigger, more dynamic set of songs. Lead single "The Power" has
already become a fan favorite at live shows, while the Queen-esque track
"The Mighty" and Prince dance funk of "I Wanna Have You" take the band is
exciting, unexpected new directions. Guest contributions from members of
Grupo Fantasma, Mother Falcon and A Giant Dog help expand the band's
already considerable sound.
The 1910 Chainsaw Company - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
The 1910 Chainsaw Company
With your eyes closed, 1910 Chainsaw Company could fool you into believing you've been transported to another time. If you've ever had a dream where there is a tidal wave coming for you, and you woke just in the nick of time with a sense of relief, then you are aware of the sounds of Chainsaw's sweet little melodies. If you've ever had the thought to paint everything in your bedroom all one color - I mean everything - then you can imagine a red radiator suddenly making sense with a red teddy bear; and if you can imagine this, then you can imagine how it would make sense to want to hear another of front man Rob Perry's songs, even though he's just finished playing one. A love for the vintage style psychedelic pop music inspires a lightness like hydrogen; dissipating from something you know to something you can't get a grip on. Some people regret not having documented more moments in their lives with pictures or diaries. Well, when you put on a Chainsaw record, or see them play live, all of that regret goes away for just that short amount of time. As the Bible says, "Blessed is the Fruit of thy Loom", and those words are meant to praise that second pair of undies you keep handy to put on after creaming your first pair at the sounds and sights of 1910 Chainsaw Company.
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Johnny Brenda's
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