Oldermost (Record Release)

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Oldermost (Record Release)


Thu, July 19, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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Oldermost - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Oldermost is “not constrained by such simplicity of genre labels. They melt together southern-rock, pop, folk and soul into something dusty, jarring, tangled and sweet” (Pop Dust).

Their music gives you the impression that the band continually reaches their hand into some version of the American Songbook, some broad tradition of American music constantly subjected to recurrent revision. But whatever Americana means, or in whatever way that Oldermost is American, per se, it would be because of the where they call home--Philadelphia, a city rich in its resilience and home to some of the most exciting rock n roll bands in the modern musical landscape.

Oldermost is proudly a product of its environment: it is the “latest in the suddenly long line of hazy, phased-out Philadelphia folk groups” (FLOOD).

The music is both familiar, yet fresh. It hints at nostalgic without stumbling into kitsch. At some moments the music sounds urbane, almost high-brow and literary, and at others times, its wild and unrefined--a late night argument over cheap domestics.

Even the name, an outdated modifier plucked from a ghost-town dialect of the American “Wild West,” is delightfully and intentionally ambiguous enough to be claimed as the handle for a band that tends to wiggle out of your hands if held too restrictively to one specific genre or influence. While listening, you may feel at home yet you quickly realize that is somewhere you have not been before. The landscape is familiar, but fresh—a warm place that draws you in, a beautiful and melancholic flame that attracts, comforts, heats, and burns.

Last year they teased their fourth release, How Could You Ever Be The Same?, with the premiere of two songs, “Honey With Tea” and “Finally Unsure.”

“Honey With Tea” is “a satisfying, Wilco-esque delivery against a cinematic backdrop,” writes WXPN’s “The Key.”

On “Finally Unsure” The Line of Best Fit writes, “Chiming guitars reverberate across layers of organ-style synths and bright acoustics as singer Bradford Bucknum's drawl extends far beyond the track's sustained notes.”

The song “opens like a sunrise, steadily illuminating more and more of itself with each instrumental addition until what we have is nothing short of a spectacular, bright song,” writes WXPN’s “The Key.”

How Could You Ever Be The Same?, the band’s first record on AntiFragile records, is self-produced by the band, mixed by Jeff Ziegler and mastered by Ryan Schwabe and will be released July 2018.
Carroll - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Carroll’s first ever performance was Brian Hurlow, alone, smashing his feet on a broken keyboard to trigger samples. Little did he know, ambient guitar sorcerer Max Kulicke and iconic drummer Charlie Rudoy were watching from afar. They joined and took the seeds of Brian’s sadness and grew them into jungles. It was only a matter of time until Charles McClung arrived and with a wave of his wand completed the Carroll lineup with tightrope bass lines and glass synths. Carroll put out their first release, the Needs E.P., to a buzzing and excited audience. After months of deep touring the scattered parts of a followup full length album were arranged neatly on the floor of their Minneapolis home. They took a hazy snapshot of the dismembered songs and sent them to renowned engineer Jon Low (The National, The War on Drugs, Mr. Twin Sister). Jon was game and so the band shipped out to Philly to record their eponymous Carroll (Eone, 2015) in a headrush of 18 days. They toured and kept touring until they found themselves in Philly again, this time to stay. Now, glowing stronger with each passing moon, Carroll released their second LP As Far As Gardens Go (Shattered Orb) in November of 2016. Recorded by the band in a series of isolated beach cabins in the northeast, and mixed again by Low, Carroll’s second record tells a story of being adrift, of orbiting in and out of the lives of others. With heavy emphasis on synth syrup and dense, classic arrangements, Carroll’s 2016 follow up pulls the listener into a blissful, sometimes chaotic futuristic world.
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