Johnny Brenda's Presents


The 1910 Chainsaw Company, American Trappist

Sun, July 15, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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Ortolan - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Precociousness always catches its observer off guard; we are witness to a stubborn incongruity, a disproportionate relationship between limited years and elevated levels of skill, insight, or vision. It confounds common experience, and we wonder. When Ortolan’s debut album Time On A String was released in 2010, three quarters of the family foursome were yet under drinking age. Along with copious kudos given to the quality of the music and the maturity of the songwriting, every single review made mention of their age. Wonder indeed.

What may be the greater marvel though, is when a nascent talent starts to grow into itself; when prodigious promise begins to deliver something beyond spectacle, when it begins to nourish those who are witness to it. Such was the case with Ortolan’s 2014 sophomore effort, Covered In Black. Now, in keeping with this tradition of progression, Ortolan offers down deep, a small collection of revelatory songs that encapsulates the earnestness of their early efforts in combination with the disenchantment that so often accompanies maturation.
The 1910 Chainsaw Company - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The 1910 Chainsaw Company
With your eyes closed, 1910 Chainsaw Company could fool you into believing you've been transported to another time. If you've ever had a dream where there is a tidal wave coming for you, and you woke just in the nick of time with a sense of relief, then you are aware of the sounds of Chainsaw's sweet little melodies. If you've ever had the thought to paint everything in your bedroom all one color - I mean everything - then you can imagine a red radiator suddenly making sense with a red teddy bear; and if you can imagine this, then you can imagine how it would make sense to want to hear another of front man Rob Perry's songs, even though he's just finished playing one. A love for the vintage style psychedelic pop music inspires a lightness like hydrogen; dissipating from something you know to something you can't get a grip on. Some people regret not having documented more moments in their lives with pictures or diaries. Well, when you put on a Chainsaw record, or see them play live, all of that regret goes away for just that short amount of time. As the Bible says, "Blessed is the Fruit of thy Loom", and those words are meant to praise that second pair of undies you keep handy to put on after creaming your first pair at the sounds and sights of 1910 Chainsaw Company.
American Trappist - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
American Trappist
American Trappist is the second catalogue of work from Philadelphia-based songwriter/producer Joe Michelini, following nearly a decade of touring with New Jersey folk-rock outfit River City Extension. His most recent record, “Tentanda Via,” was recorded at Trax East in South River, NJ by producer Pat Noon. His parents like it “better than the last one.”

Michelini and his wife currently own and operate Berlin Studios, a recording and animation studio in Camden County. Their client list includes The Vernes, Cave People, Speedy Ortiz, American Aquarium, and William McCarthy (of Augustines). More info on Berlin Studios can be found at astudioinberlin.com
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