Mesmeric Haze

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Mesmeric Haze

Lightninging, Ali Awan

Thu, August 9, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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Mesmeric Haze - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Mesmeric Haze
Mesmeric Haze started with a Craigslist ad. This one brought together Brian McBrearty and Jeff White, and they quickly bonded over a shared fanaticism for The Grateful Dead, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, a love of the guitar and shockingly similar life experiences. Kindred spirits, as the saying goes. The duo enlisted Brian’s brother Sean on bass and the trio spent the spring and summer of 2016 jamming in Sean’s basement. Raw, free-form and esoteric, the basement jam sessions allowed the trio to learn and grow together, finding common ground and developing the shared language necessary to construct transcendent musical moments on the fly.
Shortly after the group began rehearsing in Jeff’s basement recording studio, James Aten joined on drums. The fully formed Mesmeric Haze dedicated themselves to the task of writing and rehearsing and debuted as a live, gigging entity in July 2017. The gigs proved what The Haze themselves had already grokked: that there was magic here. Cosmic twin-guitar explorations reminiscent of seminal 70s NYC group Television, a chooglin’ Crazy Horse-esque rhythm section, as well as Brian’s Lou Reed-ish vocals and Jeff’s twangy delivery, all result in a psychedelic stew that is melodic and far out, pastoral and kaleidoscopic, enchantingly hazy and fuzzed-out. Mesmeric Haze exhibits a group-mind consciousness that, when things really get cookin’, reaches outside themselves and transcends space/time, touching souls with love and joy and surrendering to the notion that we all are more than this mortal coil.
Lightninging - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Lightninging is a band of four friends who share a musical sensibility rooted in vintage rock and roll, improvisation-minded song structures, and energetic performances. Since forming in Philadelphia in 2010, members Mark Cruttenden, Greg Foran, Greg O’Neill, and Matt Williams have continually refined a communal approach to generating loud, sweaty, and guitar driven music in the American tradition.

"Pulling from multiple rockin' fronts, the crew appears equally adept at stewing in the expanding, psychedelic cauldron. Conversely contagious, clear-skied harmonies spill fortuitously forward in loose-feeling, expertly-spun instrumental sequences."  -  The Deli Magazine

"This mode of “communal trading” as the band calls it, result in a collection of boisterous, yet emotional songs, impressive harmonies and wicked trashing like any fine Philly band should."  -  Jump Magazine
Ali Awan - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Ali Awan
Ali Awan is a Philadelphia based singer-songwriter. Born in Abington, Pennsylvania he moved with his parents to Turkey and then Saudi Arabia, finally settling back down in Abington where he would spend the rest of his childhood. 

He began playing shows as a guitar and bass player in West Philadelphia basements at 15 years old, and eventually got turned onto songwriting by classic artists such as The Velvet Underground, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones. He has been in various bands while working on his own material ever since.

Often compared to The Brian Jonestown Massacre & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Awan's emphasis on groove and feel are paramount as his intention is to give his audience an interesting and unforgettable place to go and feel for themselves.

Awan's debut single "Citadel Blues" is an ode to nay sayers one may encounter while pursuing a dream or goal and was released with the B side "Last Resort", a love song.

After extensive touring as a member of Needle Points he joined Brooklyn based Jane Church, and is currently writing and recording his debut album which also features the talents of Owen Staszewski & Sean Hur of Ruby the Hatchet, as well as David Ulrich of Davey and the Chains, among others. The album is set for release late summer 2018.
Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125