The Folkadelphia Concert Series #1.1 - The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones

Fred Knittel with the help of WXPN and the Philadelphia Folksong Society present

The Folkadelphia Concert Series #1.1 - The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones

The Spinning Leaves, Hezekiah Jones, Learn about Philadelphia Folksong Society

Sun, February 6, 2011

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 1:00 pm


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The Folkadelphia Concert Series #1.1 - The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones
The Folkadelphia Concert Series #1.1 - The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones
Experience folk music from a whole new perspective. The Folkadelphia Concert Series is a new music series of intimate performances and insightful artist discussions with some of the most exciting musicians. The series will operate on a modern conception of the term "folk music" and what that means in the continuum of the ever-changing genre. These progressive artists include Arborea, Meg Baird, Hezekiah Jones, Lewis & Clarke, and the Spinning Leaves. Guest moderators include Gene Shay of WXPN's Folk Show, Biff Kennedy of Charterhouse Music, and Levi Landis of the Philadelphia Folksong Society. This is a rare opportunity to witness the face of modern folk music.

The Folkadelphia Concert Series will take place at Johnny Brenda's on Sundays February 6th, 20th, and 27th, each 1-3 PM. Admission is $7*. The Folkadelphia Concert Series is sponsored by the Philadelphia Folksong Society and supported by WXPN.

February 6th- the Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones
February 20th- Lewis & Clarke
February 27th- Meg Baird & Arborea

Additionally, catch these artists on The Folk Show with Gene Shay following each concert series event 8-11 PM on WXPN.

*Admission is free for Philadelphia Folksong Society members...not a member? Join now!
The Spinning Leaves
The Spinning Leaves
"Spinning Leaves has proven to be an unmistakable part of the new folk phenomenon in Philadelphia and beyond. Their sound, for one, is a whistle at the start of a great sprint, the bell of human musical freedom: spurts of gang vocals, slide guitars, dulcimers, and foot stomps over America melodies. And still, Spinning Leaves, the force, transcends the sound. They connect with artists, organizations and individuals to create movement in the Philadelphia musical landscape. Nearly anywhere you hear of innovative artistic activity, you hear this name in association." - Levi Landis - Executive Director, Philadelphia Folksong Society
Hezekiah Jones
Hezekiah Jones
Hezekiah Jones is the musical nom de plume for Raphael Cutrufello and a band of like-minded musicians crafting alternative folk music. His catalog of songs sometimes sounds like a post-apocalyptic White Album, as covered by Sufjan Stevens. The biting, sometimes campy vibe only serves to intensify the blow of his sucker-punch ballads. Songs are filled with outlandish characters, imagined landscapes..., ringing harmonies, and baroque instrumental flourishes, but never disconnect from the tangible feelings at their center.
---Peter Marinari, CBS local
Learn about Philadelphia Folksong Society
PFS has acquired international recognition and local acclaim through popular programs such as The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Fall Fling, Spring Thing, and Cabin Fever Festival. Seasonal programming of workshops, community service programs, concerts, PFS Presents..., Sings, and the Odyssey of American Music programs serve a diverse range of participants-members in the community, volunteers, artists, students, partner organizations, and PFS members. PFS programs range in scope from a small group of friends singing together, to tens of thousands of patrons gathered for concert presentations. A network of thousands of dedicated volunteers has allowed PFS to execute these programs in an unprecedented way since the organization's inception over 50 years ago.
Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125